Thursday, July 26, 2018

How To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages I Instagram Messages Almost All.

How To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages 

How To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Hello Friends, Whatsapp We all Aware of this Appliaction and this Application Is a Part of Our Day to Day Life Because we use almost all the time for Sending Msg, Doing Video call and also lots of features in this application but recently Whatsapp Add a new Feature in it. So, Lets Know about the Feature.

 According , to New features You can recall Your Send WhatsApp messages that means You can delete that WhatsApp messages that You had Already send to Someone but in 2-5 Minutes from Send Time but it Creates a Most "Confusion" When Someone send You a Message and suddenly recall that messages it Disturbed Our Mind And we every time Thought about that messages .So Guys Now in this Article I Had Introduced a New And Latest Tricks by this Trick You can Read Deleted WhatsApp messages not only WhatsApp messages You can read Facebook, Instagram, and Almost Every Messaging Applications message. So let's Start the Trick.

Note:- This Trick is Tested in Android Device and it Works Smoothly.

Now, You have to download Some Application First then You can Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages.

1. Go to Your Google play store in Your Android Device.

2. Search "NotiSave" App in Your Palystore And download the app

3. Open the application "NotiSave".

4. Now Go to Your Phone Setting

5. And, setting>Accessibility then Click On "Notisave" and Switch On

6. Now its Almost Done close everything and You see that " Notisave" Application Works in the  background that means its Ready To Work.

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How it works:-

Guys, Now You know how to Read Recalled Whatsapp Messages but still you don't know how it works so guys let Know how it Works.
             So, The "Notisave" is an application which Records Everything that is doing in your phone that means if someone sends You a message in Your Whatsapp firstly A Notification Pop-up in Your Status Bar and Now The Application "Notisave" Works it Copy the Message and Store in his database. Now , the person recalls the Sent Whatsapp Message it Recalled from WhatsApp But not from "NotiSave" database it is still present in his database and You can Read it Any time or Anywhere.
                      Simply, "Notisave" Application Works In the Record Method it Record and store and You can read it Later.
                                              So,Guys Now You know how it Works and How Can You Use this Method to read Whatsapp Deleted messages or recalled WhatsApp messages.Now Enjoy the Trick and Still You have any Problem in doing this method then I've already created a Video for this You can watch it Below and Also From The YouTube Channel "Desi Technical".

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