Step by Step Process to Easily Root Your Android Phone

Hello friends, Did you know what is root  ? How can You  root Your android phone ?


Android is a very popular operating system (OS). This operating system is built by Google company  For touchscreen mobile devices, Android phones will get you many features but some features that you can not use without root such as Mobile screen recorder  but you don't know what is  Android Mobile Root, and the advantages of rooting any mobile and its losses.
                             Whenever we take a new Android phone, there is a restriction on behalf of the company, under which we can use the same feature on our phone which the company has given us, but if we break this limit and If you want to use some new features (advanced features) then we have to route our phone and when we break the company limit ie Restriction So we can call it to root your android phone. In simple words, Rooting the phone is a process in which we are giving our phone superpower, that is, it means that after doing the root We want to change anything in the phone after we can route it, as if we want to increase the Android version of our mobile or we want to change the font style in our mobile or even some If you want to use the Rooting Android Apps, then you can do this after routing the mobile root to ESI.

  • Before you root some important information for you

Before you root your phone, keep the charge up to 50% so that the process of rooting does not end your mobile battery and you do not have any problem

Before you root all your phone's data and files such as contacts, music, photos, videos, apps, etc., you must backup them so that your data does not get lost. And also remove SD card and SIM from the phone before rooting

KingRoot is the best and best application to root android phone. Which you can easily root your phone in one click KingRoot application handles the process of rooting easily and safely on your phone. It works very well in all kinds of devices. The success rate of this app to root the Android phone is the highest compared to the other apps

 Root  Phone

  • Step by Step Process to Easily Root Android Phone from KingoRoot

Step 1 - Download KingoRoot.apk, this is free of cost. You can download it from this link


Step 2 - Install KingoRoot.apk on your device.
If you have not ticked "Unknown Sources" in Settings> Security, then the installation time, "Install blocked" will be typed, so be sure to enable it
Follow phone instructions and install Kingo Root on your device.

Step 3 - Launch the "Kingo ROOT" app and start rooting.
Kingo Root is a user-friendly app and is easy to use. Click on "One Click Root" and start the rooting process.

Step 4 - Wait for a few seconds until the result screen appears.

Step 5 - SUCCESS or Failed. If SUCCESS is done then your phone is rooted and fails then try again

Note: - If not rooting at a time, try again and again because sometimes it takes a little time

  • Top 10 Root Apps for Android

1. KingoRoot
2. Root Browser
3. AdAway
4. Quick Boot (Reboot)
5. System App Remover
6. SDFix: KitKat Writable MicroSD
7. DiskDigger
8. SuperSU
9. Titanium Backup
10. Greenify

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile root

You can extend the Android version of your phone to Custom ROM. Example: If you have an Android version and 4.1 then you can do the 5.1 version with the help of custom ROMs. You can change your phone's custom font style.
The mobile screen can record
Delete the Preinstall app

  • Loss:-

You will lose your phone's warranty, if you have a new phone and you have rooted your phone you will lose your phone's warranty
It is a shame that your phone can be called Brick, which is also called Phone Deed, and once your phone is dead, you will see the phone's logo on your phone and nothing else, then it is very difficult to fix it.
You will lose security in Android phone i.e. any third party app can access your phone easily, which is also called phone hacking.

( If any kind of problem or phone gets dead while doing the root, we will not be responsible for this. Good luck )

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