How to Download and Play Pubg Mobile Lite From any Country

PUBG Lite: Today, Almost EveryOne Play PUBG on their phone as well as on their PC. This game is So addictive because of their Graphics and also their Intense Action. In my opinion, I will give 10 out of 9 scores and rest 1 rating is cut for Requirement because Pubg Require a High Performing Mobile with 2GB or above Ram, but most of them are using 512mb or 1GB Ram, and they are not able to play Pubg on their phone.
The Company that launched Pubg also launched Its Lite version. Still, Pubg Mobile Lite is only available for the users that are come from the Philippines alone, outside from the Philippines no one can Play the lite version of Pubg. Still, I have a trick to Play Pubg Mobile Lite Outside from the Philippines on any mobile that has low performance, So Guys Read this Article From Top to bottom.

How to Download & Play PUBG Lite

1. First of all, you have to download the Pubg Mobile Lite Apk with Data, but if You are from the Philippines then You can download it from Playstore, but Outside Philippines, You can’t download from Playstore, but I have given the download link where you can click and download it.
Link Updated On 19-08-2018

2. Now the downloaded file is in zipping, so Download Zarchiver or another zip extractor Application and the downloaded file.

Click Here To Download

3. In file, there is an Apk file click on it and install it on your phone.
4. Now, there is another folder in the file named Android > obb > Tencent.lite, and then there is a file named “” Copy or cut it.

5. Paste it on The Folder in Your phone memory Android > obb > Tencent.
6. Now, Pubg Mobile lite Is Successfully installed on your phone.

7. Then, you need to connect the Philippines server for connecting you have to download the DNS changer application in your phone

8. After then open the DNS changer application and there given two boxes Dns1 and Dns2 paste the given code in dns1 and dns2.

9. In DNS changer application their a start button click on it.

10. Now, you are connected to the Philippines server.

11. Open the Pubg mobile lite Game and EnJoY it.

PUBG Mobile Hack

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Mobile Hack PUBG Script Collection desitechnical


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