You Can Win Loco Quiz Every Time How ? | Click Here to Know it

Loco is an Online quiz Game that Pay Real cash if you answer all the question of loco during the game time. But, it is still difficult to answer all the question correctly because the time given for each question is only 10 second.

So, There are many question arises in your mind How to win loco quiz every time? Any trick to win loco quiz ? How to hack loco game ? If you want answer of all these questions then read the full post given below. All these tricks are 100% working you do not have to worry about it. You just need things which are required and you are good to go. All tips and tricks are for the Educational purpose and we are just teaching you, How you can Get answers for Loco Quiz? So let’s start and watch Live Video Above .

Win Loco Quiz
Win Loco Quiz

  1. Download Loco App from Here.
  2. Sign up / Register with your Name and Mobile Number.
  3. Choose Username of your Choice.
  4. If you need one free life than use our Referral code it is ||| DesiTechnical |||
  5. From this, You will get one Extra life as well as we will get one.
  6. Now you will see there will be the wait time for Next Show / Next Quiz.
  7. Once Quiz Starts / Show Starts You will get 10 Questions.
  8. If you answer all 10 Questions. Then only you will get free paytm cash.
  9. The Winning amount will be different all the time.
  10. Winning Amount Is depending on How many users win the Quiz.
  11. Once you win the quiz you will get your winning amount into your Paytm wallet.
  12. If you give one answer wrong then you can use your life to continue.
  13. Note- You can not use your life at question 10.
  • Two Phone Trick

In this trick you need two smartphones in which both are connected with fast internet connection then you are able to do this Two Phone trick Work.
  • Steps To Do To Win Loco Quiz

First Phone =Install  Google Assistant
The second Phone= Install Loco Quiz App
  1. (First Phone) You need to install Google Assistant in your First phone if already installed then skip this process.
  2. (Second Phone) At the time of Loco Quiz make sure that Your phones volume is in high, Press Volume Up Until Volume is not full.
  3. (First Device) Press On Mic Button in Google Assistant to Hear the Question from your second device and then google assistant will hear the question perfectly and search the question on google and You See that the Answer will appear within the time limit if you Have Fast Internet connection.
  4. (Second phone) Click on the Answer google will Show and if You already know the Answer and google will Show the Wrong Answer then Believe in Yourself not in google if you that your answer is 100% True. Because Google Assistant will not hear the quiz perfectly due to noise do this trick in noise-free place so that google assistant will hear the question perfectly.
From this trick, You can do 80% to 100% of question correct depending upon on your Internet connection.
Note:-  Don’t Blame Us If You answer is not correct or Time limit to over. If this trick will You then Comment Below that helps others to use this trick. So it was all about Loco.


Win Loco Quiz

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