iPhone Tips And Tricks, Unbelievable Things 2022

iPhone Tips And Tricks:- Hello Friends If you guys would have heard the iPhone name, then this Apple company came to the market in the first iPhone 2007. The iPhone comes with many great features. Many of you will have an iPhone, and many people will want to buy an iPhone. Now, if you have an iPhone, then you may also know how to run and what your iPhone can do, you also know. So let’s see what we will tell you some tips related to the iPhone, which you may hardly know about.

iPhone Tips And Tricks 2022

Apple's iPhone Tricks


Despite not having External Memory Card in iPhone, this trick will grow from its memory

You may know that the iPhone does not seem to have External memory cards; mostly Apple iPhone users are upset with the lack of storage in their handsets. This problem increases when they have a 16 GB memory because most of the space in it surrounds the software given in the handset. Apart from this, there is another problem with the iPhone that there is no extraordinary memory card available for storage. But there is also a trick that can be extended to the storage space on the iPhone. Know what is going on o tricks
Apple’s operating system surrounds those who have an iPhone’s 16 GB variant, then 11 GB space. After this, the app and photo in the space of 5 GB remaining in it, after the video is stored, it starts delivering the message of out-of-space.

1) Magnification of iPhone storage

This is a great trick to increase the storage in the iPhone, for that, you hire a movie from Apple iTunes so that your phone will get a lot of gigabytes of space. However, to do this trick, you have to do the bus to rent bigger movies than your phone is empty storage. Due to this, you will not be able to download the movie due to the low storage in your phone, and Apple will not charge you any fee for the film, but this will increase the space on your phone.

2) Space can increase repeatedly

In the iPhone, you can repeat the process repeatedly, which will increase the storage capacity of your handset every time. However, it is not clear how this trick works. But it is believed that the cache file of the handset (temporary files) and empty the unnecessary reserve space by the other app. By which the ability of your phone to spice up

3) Photograph click at the time of video recording

You may hardly know that you can also click the photo along with video recording from your iPhone. When you shoot video, you also see the camera button; by clicking on it, you can click the photo.

4) Can increase battery life

You can extend your iPhone’s battery life by following step by step. You keep off your WiFi, Bluetooth, Location, LTE, etc. After this, you can keep your phone’s brightness on auto. Which means your phone’s battery will last for a long time.

5) Use of shortcuts for emoji

With some shortcuts in the message, you can use emoji and make your message brilliant. Follow this step for this. Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add New Keyboard> Emoji and then Settings> General> Keyboard> Add New Shortcut. Then select your favorite emoji and type the text you want to create a shortcut. Your emoji shortcut is now ready.

6). Hiding the stock app icon

The iPhone stock comes with Apple App. This app stock consists of a compass, voice memo, stock, video, Newland, or game center. Many users do not need these apps, but it is difficult to delete these apps. However, there is an option to hide this application. For this, you have to go to RAG3HACK in the Safari web browser. After this, you will go to Hide Apps no Jailbreak page where you can lock these apps.

7) Custom images reply

Bidifault There is three magazines on your phone, which are sent when the call is not answered. The iPhone gives Macaca to its users to rewrite these messages. But you still cannot write more than three messages. You can follow these steps and edit your magazines.
Settings> Phone> Respond With Text

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