Youtube 3 new features update July 2018

YouTube New Features Announced

3 new features Youtube:- Youtube has brought three new features/updates for your youtube which brings you the channel membership, merchandise, premiers of YouTube, in which you will be able to see many new features of Youtube from July, creating and posting videos. YouTube, who has been criticised for not getting enough money, is now allowing people to earn money in a new way too.
The video makers should have many ideas and opportunities to make money. That is why youtube has new features Have come
  • Youtube 3 New Features Update July 2018

  1. Channel Membership
  2. Merchandise
  3. Premiers

Youtube new features

  • Channel membership

Youtube has taken some new elements from July for your YouTuber. You must know that you had a button of a sponsor sip on anybody’s channel in the YouTube channel. Now youtube has come to take the o button for everyone. You should have more than 100,000 subscribers on the YouTube channel, and Sponsor SIP has been renamed pathway to membership,. Through Channel Membership, you get 4.99 dollars from your subscriber, i.e. about 300 rupees monthly fee or as the donation. Can take.

  • Merchandise

The second update of youtube is that youtube has a merchandise update through which you can put 20 merchandise on your youtube video, in which you can sell things like jars, mug, shirt or phone cover on your channel. But now merchandise feature India The merchandise feature is for the US & UK but it will also be launched for India very soon.

  • Premiers

The third update of youtube is that youtube has come with the premiers service through which you can live Steam Still, now you will have two ops in live Storm first Opson will be like you live Storm and live chat You have one opson next to you, and you can also apply the pre-recorded video to live Storm so that your audience will be the live Steam, but the live Storm will not be. Youtube is doing this because of live chat or super Chat increases. It is being given because the regular video does not have a live chat or a super chat opson, so the premiers opson has brought youtube.

Youtube features

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